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Dan G

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Movin' on up [Aug. 4th, 2013|11:41 pm]
Dan G
Apparently I have metamorphosed into a full-time administrative assistant.  In addition to pushing purchase orders around, I'm now in charge of maintaining the maintenance department's times in the payroll software.  Because of the ongoing change in management companies, there's an interim period where everyone writes their hours down and I enter them manually.  Of course, everyone fills out the whole log sheet in the morning.  I can't wait til someone whines that they didn't get overtime pay for the hours they worked.  "I've got a statement of your time in and out with your signature right here..."
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Purchase orders [Jul. 16th, 2013|10:20 am]
Dan G
Why does the corporate office issue edicts like this?  When I create a purchase order, I can start it by picking from a list of items we've ordered before or I can start a "blank" PO for stuff we've never ordered.  Corporate wants us to not use blank POs unless it's an emergency.  Or maybe never.  The problem is that I don't know who is supposed to enter the lists of items we've ordered and no one I've talked to knows who does it either.  However, even if the accounting software worked perfectly (Ha. haha. hahahaha.) the maintenance department needs to order a <I>much</I> greater variety of items than housekeeping, sales, or the kitchen.  We've got three cooling towers, three chillers, 26 air handlers, and goodness knows how many exhaust fans, plus, I don't know, ten ice machines and five or six walk-in coolers and freezers and all of that equipment ranges from 40 years old to brand new!  This is not like housekeeping's department where they have standard sheets, standard toilet paper, standard shower curtains and so on.

The hotel's fire alarm system has had to be on 'test' a lot lately because of construction on the 18th floor.  (DID YOU KNOW THAT smoke detectors detect the airborne particulates in smoke, so large quantities of virtually any dusty material can set them off.  NOW YOU KNOW)  They've often picked me to watch the panel and be ready to use the PA system to find out if an alarm is an actual fire.  The problem is that I don't really know how to sue the fire alarm panel beyond the very basics... but no one else working here knows either.  If the fire marshal comes by and finds someone totally inexperienced watching the panel, she's not going to be happy
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Mood, date, work [Jun. 18th, 2013|09:19 pm]
Dan G
I've been extra depressed lately.  And extra exhausted.  There's been a lot more conventions and conferences lately, so I've been run ragged checking the temperatures in all the spaces as often as every hour.  My legs and feet are fucking sore every single day and Dad keeps dragging me out to fix more air conditioners on the side.  It's been the first heat swell of the season, so everyone's units are breaking (or old problems are showing up) during longer run times.

The day I came into work to find out that the entire hotel had without air conditioning the entire previous night and evening.  We'd been having trouble with the chillers, but got them running when quitting time came around.  Not 30 minutes after we left, they went down again.  Second shift didn't do anything or notify anyone.  Third shift didn't do anything, either.  Naturally, us first shift HVAC guys have to haul our asses in early to try and unfuck the mess.  Of course, our aging, poorly maintained equipment can't keep a constant temperature under the barrage of the combined body heat of a hundred or two bodies and thousands of watts of incandescent bulbs.  Expecting it to spit out ice cubes and power 80 degree (27 C) rooms down to 70 is a pipe dream.  It's especially not going to happen when it's 90 outside!

Bleh.  My 90 day review should be any day now.  I'm pretty sure it should've already happened.  I should probably care about that.

I finally went on <a href="http://chitzk0i.livejournal.com/117512.html">that date</a> I was talking about!  We had some great conversation over dinner, though it may not have been an actual date date.  It's a grey area.  We're definitely friends and I'm, like, 85% sure we could be more.  She's poly and has a dominant so fitting into that structure should interesting.  So many ideas for future outings came up!  She wants to go to the range sometime and I can make that happen.  I mentioned I want to try wine and it turns out she has a lifetime supply of wine tastings.  Then there's bad geology movie nights, where she and her friends scream and laugh at the TV... sounds like a good time to me.
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A date! [Jun. 7th, 2013|12:33 am]
Dan G
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

I'm in the process of trying to schedule what I realized earlier could be called a date.  I met the girl in question at a kink event and since then we've chatted online and seen each other regularly at karaoke.  This week, I had just sat down next to her when she said, "Gosh, I'm surrounded by hot guys!"  I thought, "Wait... There's only me and another guy sitting next to her.  Since she used the plural, that implies... She thinks I'm hot!"  I did an inward schoolgirl giggle.  I still get a grin when I think about and that was Wednesday.  It's a new experience for me.

She's a big ol' nerd like me, though we are nerdy about different things.  She's a big Dr. Who fan and has Bad Geology Movie Nights where much yelling at the screen occurs.  She just finished her geology degree.

Eee!  A date!
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The paint debacle [Jun. 3rd, 2013|10:52 pm]
Dan G
Recently, I had to deal with an order for three different colors of paint.  The quote was so high, several of us were sure that the paint company must've  put us down for 20 5 gallon buckets of paint instead of 20 gallons.  But, no, it turns out the paint really is $30 a gallon.  Dafuq.  Anyway, word came down from on high that at that price we should order half as much.  Thus, I amended the purchase order to reflect the new price and reported all these developments to the supervisor who normally interfaces with the paint people.

That supervisor then went on vacation.  Today, he got back and the first thing he tells me is that he couldn't wait any longer and so he ordered all 20 gallons of each color paint even though he didn't have a purchase order for it.  Dafuq? I said.  There's been a PO approved for that for <I>weeks</I>.  Plus, I told his ass about the lower quantity and the approval at the same time.

To top it all off, the paint company won't leave a quote for paint in their system until it's definitely going to be ordered.  So during the space between the time we solicit a quote and get our ducks in a row, there's exactly one person in their company that has any idea what's on the quote.  Congratulations!  You've defeated the purpose of your computerized record-keeping system.  Also, I probably ought to have a firm price before I get approval to order X quantity of item at Y price... but you won't guarantee a price until I get approval to order it.  <I>Sigh...</I>

So screw verbal communication.  Useless Supervisor gets everything emailed to him.
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Job! [Jun. 2nd, 2013|04:13 pm]
Dan G
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[music |Fulsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash]

I'm employed!  Another week or so will make it three months.  I work in maintenance at a hotel downtown.  I got hired as extra labor to replaced the hotel's aging, decrepit pneumatic HVAC controls with digital ones, but have the times some emergency or another pulls me off that project.  Or a supervisor assigns me to do routine preventative maintenance that pretty much anyone could do instead.  I also got drafted to enter purchase orders into the poorly tested, rickety accounting software and since you need a purchase order before you can order anything, it saves people effort to have me order it for them.  Ah, but I need a firm price on something before I can get a PO approved, so I have to get quotes as well, taking up even more of the time I'm supposed to spend on retrofit operations.

The money's good, though.  The pay is very similar to the one other job I had, but that job was very strictly part time, so I have drastically more money on hand.  It's very strange transitioning from a mindset where I didn't know where more money would come from, so every dollar was precious.  Now, cash is coming out of my ears.  My parents don't charge me for rent or food so really the only thing to do is sock it away for future automotive expenses and rent.

Because holy hell, I'm moving out of my parents' house.  There's no question.  It's going to be painful to get past the wall of guilt trips my mom will put out, but I have to.  Earning this much money just underscores to me how little autonomy my parents expect me to have.  My mom would be thrilled to death to have a human dress-up dolly to exactly fit her expectations or a robot maid to faithfully carry out her wishes.  She is so totally assured of how <I>right</I> she is that in the long run, you have to save effort by letting her have her way.

I need to make appointments with the therapist and psychiatrist, but I keep putting it off.  It's not good.  I feel so down some days, like today.  Last weekend, I tried to find someone to hang out with, but out of all my friends, all of them had their own shit going on and couldn't make room for me.  It's always a punch in the gut when my plans fall through.  It's probably because I'm using friends as an antidepressant, to distract me from the hollow, crushing despair.  The anticipation lets me fool myself into forgetting my troubles, but when it doesn't work out, the bare reality is all that's left.  The reality is that I'm not okay.  I've been not okay for a long time and I'm not going to get better on my own.  I need help.
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Temperance Brennan at the Movies [Nov. 26th, 2012|07:36 pm]
Dan G
In a darkened movie theater, a scientist leans toward her partner. In between them sits their young daughter, the main beneficiary of this trip. She whispers, "Oh! Now that this clownfish's mate has died, we'll get to see him metamorphose into a female and lead his--well, I should say her--harem of males. They probably didn't want to introduce that many characters this; I'm sure it'll come in a minute."

Some quiet grumbling comes from the row behind them as the scientist's partner gives her a profound look of confusion and works his mouth in silence. "You aren't familiar with sequential hermaphroditism?," she asks. "It's really quite fascinating. See, all clownfish are born as males--" Brennan's explanation is interrupted by a glance at the screen. Her rising voice joins a small smile in betraying her excitement. "I see the filmmakers got that detail correct. Anyway, as clownfish mature--"


* * *

Later, the trio emerges from the movie theater amid a crowd of people hurrying on their way. The scientist wears a distinct frown. "That movie was highly unrealistic."

(If you have no idea what I'm on about, just smile and nod.)
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Hair [Sep. 5th, 2012|03:42 pm]
Dan G
At the encouragement of a friend, I've been growing my hair out, but I hate the way it looks. I was thinking about it, and my hair is thick, there's tons of it, it's got volume, waves, and natural highlights... everything shampoo commercials promise and I have no clue what to do with it, so I thought, why not let someone else have it? Most places you donate to need 8 inches of hair to work with and right now it's 5 inches long. Supposedly, hair grows about a 1/2 inch a month which would make it 8 months before it was long enough to donate, but I'm pretty sure my hair grows faster than average, so let's call it six months. I can put up with it for six months.
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Random happenings [Aug. 4th, 2012|09:35 pm]
Dan G
At a recent event, I about to bite into what I thought was the last Reese's-stuffed Oreo when a friend of mine showed up and sat down next to me. After she asked what I was eating, I just extended it towards her in the spirit of giving.She insisted on knowing what it was first, so I explained to a look of confusion or maybe awe. Finally, she gave it a tiny bite and, nearly in tears, she said, "You gave the last one up for me!? That deserves a hug!" Sheepishly, I told her to thank the guy who made them instead.

Today, I took a conceal handgun class and can apply for a conceal handgun carry permit. Yesterday, dad brought home 4 handguns. How many is enough?

Like my dad, I love spending money on things. Recently, I've been enthused about the idea of ordering a Saiga .223 rifle, but I'm thinking I ought to wait a week or two and see if I still think it's so vital.
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Argh, you people! [Jul. 8th, 2012|12:54 am]
Dan G
I wish more people understood how air conditioners work. So many people want to have their upstairs set to 80 degrees, but complain about the temperature getting out out of control. Well, [b]duh![/b] The air conditioner is not running often enough to control the heat and it's 100 degrees outside! "I've got my bilge pump turned off and my yacht is [i]full of water![/i] What do!?" Also, having to pretend to care that these peoples' mansion-like home with a two-story wall of windows in the living room is hot upstairs in the summer. Naw, really? Or this one: "You fixed my a/c two whole hours ago and it's not blowing ice cubes into my house yet!!! Waaahhhh!"
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